Admissions Open For The Academic Year 2021-22 | CBSE Affiliation No. 830392 | CBSE Code : 45352


Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices which meets national standards in education.

We are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus, widely regarded as one with the most enlightened outlook and curricula within our education system. The core faculty of the school is a proactive team of experienced teachers, who combine high standards of teaching with sensitivity to the emotional needs of their students.

Each stage of schooling is carefully constructed to make every student's journey from one level to the next as seamless and as rewarding as possible.

The program is challenging and at the same time caring and supportive, hence facilitating growth. Students are encouraged to build close personal relationships with their class facilitators. The environment in the school is one of cooperation and a shared endeavor in the pursuit of learning and growth. Additional help outside the classroom is like a catapult element of MVJIS culture as class facilitators recognize their students’ individual needs and learning styles. We believe that students learn the best when they can have complete trust in their teachers’ kindness and understanding and when the classroom is a safe haven for all questions and ideas.


Our School Is A Building That Has Four Walls With Tomorrow Inside

Young in years and spirit, yet rich in academic experience, the school has already earned the reputation of being an institution of excellence.


MVJ International School offers CBSE curriculum from Grade I to X. We provide a carefully designed curriculum by CBSE to ensure that the students are constantly encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to create solutions for a variety of problems, in addition to their extensive exam preparations. We know that our students will be the future leaders of tomorrow, and we encourage them to take up responsibilities and leadership roles at school. Students participate in a number of co-curricular programs to continue their all-round growth and development.

From Standard 1 to 10+

MVJ International School



Academic Approach

A student-friendly, student-centered, interactive focus.

A balanced breadth of academic coverage; neither does it overburden the student, nor is it superficial.

Constant, innovative review of the syllabus to ensure that it is contemporary and meaningful, with due importance being placed on skill-based, job-oriented and job-linked inputs. Subjects covered include Communicative English, Kannada, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Life Skills and more.

Ideal for children of people with transferable jobs, since CBSE-affiliated schools are found in all major cities.

Updating of teachers'skills through workshops and various training programmes.

Regular monitoring by the CBSE Board, thereby ensuring that its academic standards and educational philosophies are being met.




Value Education Program+

Gender Sensitivity Program+

Life Skill Program+

Community Outreach+

Student Wellness Program+

Personality Development Workshops+

Club Activities+

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